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Book 6 Units 2-3参考答案及部分解析



11-15 BCCBA16-20 ABBAB

21-25 CBCAB26-30 CBCDC

31-35 DAAAD36-40 AEDBC

41-45 ABDAC46-50 CDABB

51-55 ADBCA56-60 DCCDB

61. poets62. in

63. difficulty64. creating

65. official66. fell

67. where68. finally

69. to catch70. What


71. When I were a kid …    were → was

72. … the senders have written …

have → had

73. … am addicted to collect …

collect → collecting

74. … the week newspaper …

week → weekly

75. … I think are interested …

interested → interesting

76. … I stick it …   it → them

77. … got a whole of shelf …去掉of

78. How do I …How → Why

79. … when I grow.   grow后加up

80. … other journalists’ writing …

writing → writings


One possible version:

On the Double Ninth Festival, six foreign students who are studying in our school visited the nursing home in the suburb.

They set out for the nursing home by bus at 8:30 am. It took half an hour to get there. Upon arrival, they began to help the elderly clean their rooms. They also spent some fun time together singing, dancing and playing games. What they did made the elderly happy and warm. They returned to school at 11:40 am.

All of them thought this visit an unforgettable experience in China, which made them learn more about the festival and realize the elderly need to be treated with more respect.






21. C。细节理解题。根据Thick as Thieves [Queen’s Thief]部分的The slave Kamet, on the run for his life … an enemy soldier’s offer to escort him to freedom可知,Thick as Thieves讲述的是一个男孩为了获得自由、逃脱当奴隶的命运而踏上了逃亡旅程的故事。结合written by Megan Whalen Turner可知答案选C。

22. B。细节理解题。根据You Bring the Distant Near部分的stories of love, friendship, cultural identity, and self-actualization和novel about strong and complicated East Indian girls and women可知答案。

23. C。细节理解题。根据When We Were Alone部分的Primary可知,这本书的目标读者群是小学生。




24. A。细节理解题。根据第二段中的As a kid, he didn’t think much about the iodine tablets the school kept on hand ‘in case of emergency’可知,学校储备碘片是以备附近的核反应堆发生事故时给孩子们服用。

25. B。推理判断题。根据第三段中的Damian’s family actually got to know some of the victims of that nuclear disaster when they came to Australia可以推知,Damian从来到澳大利亚的切尔诺贝利事故受害者那里得知了核辐射的危害性。

26. C。推理判断题。根据第五段中的his best legacy being the leaders that would go on to do great things because of what they’d learned on that campaign可以推知,奥巴马认为积极参与选举活动的人从中获益匪浅,他们将会做出很大的成就。

27. B。细节理解题。根据倒数第三段中的in 2012, Damian founded an organisation where he taught other organisations how to campaign and be a community organiser可知,2012年,Damian教大家如何发起运动及组织运动。




28. C。段落大意题。本段主要论述了语言障碍可能给移民带来的问题,故答案选C。

29. D。推理判断题。根据第三段中的The British Advisory Board on Naturalisation and Integration stated that some of the pressure for English language classes could be reduced by employers taking responsibility for the language needs of migrant workers可以推知,英国归化和融合咨询委员会认为,雇主有责任提供资金帮助移民雇员提高英语水平。

30. C。词义猜测题。根据划线词后面所举的例子,尤其是lost their “visibility” as poor workers to become “invisible”可知,让移民们提高语言能力的目的是使他们成为专业人员,而不是一眼就能认出的外国人。故此处anonymous意为“看不出身份的”。

31. D。细节理解题。根据最后一段中的parents must be ready to adapt to their new situation and not influence their children who … wish to integrate into the local society可知,作者认为,移民固然不能忘记自己的文化,但作为父母,也不能影响孩子们融入新环境的步伐。



本文是说明文。Esther Howland是美国第一位设计和出售情人节卡片的艺术家,文章就她的卡片制作工业作了简要介绍。

32. A。推理判断题。结合第三段中的European valentines … but their cost and rarity limited their market to the rich和第四段中的Howland began selling valentines … but hers were made using an all-woman assembly line in her home可以推知,Howland的卡片比来自欧洲的卡片要便宜很多。

33. A。细节理解题。根据第五段中的the “lift-up” valentine card … which was meant to be sort of three-dimensional, because of the number of layers they had可知,Howland设计的这种卡片有点像三维立体的,有很多层。

34. A。推理判断题。根据倒数第三段中的the one that shows she really knew her market was the fact that her cards didn’t come with a verse on the outside … your love is unique and won’t always fit with a premade card可以推知,Howland的卡片之所以不在外面配以诗句是为了避免与买卡人所要表达的感情不一致,进而导致卡片不好卖的尴尬局面。

35. D。写作目的题。本文主要介绍了Esther Howland和她的情人节卡片制作工业,故答案选D。




36. A。结合本空前面的People often talk about how difficult it is to keep a healthy lifestyle while on vacation和本空后面的Then I realised that …可知,A项“关于这个问题我想了很多”符合语境。

37. E。结合本空前面的they’re cheap和本空后面的we couldn’t afford to do much else可知,E项“那就是我和妻子开始骑车度假的原因”符合语境。

38. D。结合本空前面的examined the links和本空后面的They filled out questionnaires可知,D项“这项研究邀请了191名德国人作为研究对象”符合语境。

39. B。本空后面的Physical activity during the trip was positively associated with post-vacation recovery scores是经过调查研究发现的,故B项“那么研究者发现了什么”符合语境。

40. C。根据本空后面的this study可以锁定C项中的one study。代入后,“当然,这只是一项研究”符合语境。





41. A。根据The villagers often came to him可知,这位男士在村民“面前(in front of)”自称是占星家。

42. B。根据第二段的His eyes were fixed on the stars可知,这名男子在夜晚花时间“注视(staring at)”天空。

43. D。根据上文中的read the future可知,村民来他这里是想请他来预测他们的“未来(future)”。

44. A。根据下文中的walking without looking down可知,一天晚上,他在村外的一条宽马路上“走着(walking)”。

45. C。由His eyes were fixed on the stars可知,这名男子认为他看到了世界的“末日(end)”就要到来了。

46. C。根据下文中的he fell into a ditch full of mud and water 可知,他陷入了“沉思(thoughts)”。

47. D。根据he fell into a ditch可知,这名男子观察星星的时候,“一直(kept)”走着没有向下看。

48. A。根据后面发生的事情,我们可以推测,占星家掉入水沟的事情是突然的(Suddenly),是没有预料到的。

49. B。根据a ditch full of mud and water可知,他是“陷在(sinking)”了水沟里。

50. B。根据madly trying to claw可知他在“努力地(effort)”往出爬。

51. A。根据fearing for his life可知,他“不能(unable)”爬出来。

52. D。根据后面一句His cries soon brought the villagers running可知,这名男子开始呼救“求助(help)”。

53. B。因为占星家陷入了泥浆中,所以村民们只能用力地将他“拖(pulled)”出来。

54. C。根据yet可知,他“没有(failed)”看到自己脚下的东西。

55. A。由You pretend to read the future可知,村民认为占星家更应该“关注(attention)”眼前。

56. D。另一个村民认为,占星家只关注未来,不注意现在的做法是没有“用(use)”的。

57. C。由Each tomorrow turns into today可知,时光不会“停下来(stop)”。

58. C。根据下文中的your present life可知,你的“现在(present)”也是未来的一部分。

59. D。由but可知,此空的意思与look forward to相反,故填“回到(go back)”昨天。

60. B。根据There is always a tomorrow to look forward to, but you can’t … to yesterday可知,我们要在如今的生活和明日的计划中保持平衡(balance)。


61. poets。考查名词复数。“one of … +名词复数”意为“……中之一”。

62. in。考查介词。in decline意为“衰落”。

63. difficulty。考查名词。have difficulty doing sth.意为“做某事有困难”。

64. creating。考查动词-ing形式的用法。主语His poems与create之间是逻辑上的主谓关系,故填creating。

65. official。考查形容词作定语的用法。由设空处后的poet可知,此处用形容词,故填official。

66. fell。考查一般过去时。由When the emperor died可知,设空处所在句叙述的是过去的事实,故填fell。

67. where。考查连接词。设空处引导主语从句,且在从句中作地点状语,故填where。

68. finally。考查副词。设空处在句中作状语,表示“最终”,故填finally。

69. to catch。考查不定式作宾语的用法。attempt to do sth.意为“尝试做某事”。

70. What。考查引导词。根据语境可知设空处所在句是感叹句,又因设空处后是名词短语a beautiful legend,故填What。



1-4 CACC5-8 CCDA





1. C。段落大意题。本段第一句是主题句,说明了这处旅游景点名字的由来。

2. A。细节理解题。根据第三段最后一句中的Jason Hackett described the experience as uniquely “forward-looking and nostalgic,” with intergenerational appeal可知,Jason Hackett认为格列佛之门“超前加怀旧”的特色将会吸引各个年龄段的人。

3. C。词义猜测题。根据划线词后面的keep it up to date可知,展品将会定期变换(tweaked)。

4. C。细节理解题。根据最后一段中的the $36 admission ($27 for seniors and kids ages 3 to 12)和For $44, you can step inside a scanner to create a 3-D model of yourself可知,一对老年夫妇进入展区每人需要27美元,打印自己的3-D模型各需44美元,合计142美元。




5. C。细节理解题。根据第一段中的Artificially intelligent software is being built that can recognise emotions in people’s faces and voices可知,人工智能机器人可以识别人类的情感。

6. C。细节理解题。根据第二段中的A 2016 World Bank review … ranked a socio-emotional skill as the most important qualification for workers可知,有效交流的能力是最重要的。

7. D。推理判断题。根据第五段中的Teaching young children demands human engagement … that also appears to be true of adult education和倒数第二段中的for-profit colleges get first-generation college students to enrol and stay enthusiastic by hiring an army of warm, engaging staff to offer personal support and guidance可以推知,慕课之所以没有如预期的那样成功是因为它不能像实体学校的老师那样亲临指导学生。

8. A。篇章结构题。通读全文可知,文章第一、二段引出论点,即日益重要的情感技能;第三、四段是一个主要点,即情感技能在医护工作中的重要性(第三段是一个次要点,医护人员不足;第四段是另一个次要点,社会需要具备哪些素质的医护人员);第五、六段是另一个主要点,即教育领域也需要情感技能(第五段是一个次要点,教学中需要具备情感技能;第六段是另一个次要点,慕课失败和盈利大学成功的原因);第七段是结论,即情感技能在工作中越来越重要,因此我们需要不断提高自己这方面的技能。​


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