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小编这次收集整理的是英语周报高考·综合的第17期Book 6 Units 4-5的参考答案,感兴趣的可以来了解一下!


Book 6 Units 4-5参考答案及部分解析



11-15 BCCAB16-20 CBBAB

21-25 ACBDB26-30 CADCD

31-35 DBDCD36-40 FBDGC

41-45 BACCA46-50 DBDCB

51-55 AABDD56-60 ACBCD

61. called62. from / against

63. keeps64. collection

65. a66. facts

67. to take68. their

69. that / which70. truly


71. … that was awesome.  that → which

72. I go with …             go → went

73. … because of we … 去掉of

74. We had to carrying …  carrying → carry75. … one place to next …next前加the

76. Beside, we …             Beside → Besides77. … signatures and photo.

photo → photos

78. … a greater experience …  greater → great79. … especial when … especial → especially80. … I’ll be tried …         tried → trying书面表达

One possible version:

Dear Peter,

I’m terribly sorry for my not being able to see you off at the airport this Saturday as I have promised.

My English teacher Mrs. Li has asked me to help her make some preparations for the English Speaking Contest to be held this weekend. I have just been informed of this plan, and as the class monitor, I just feel responsible and I have to do this job. So I am afraid I can’t be present at the airport.

How I wish I could have the chance to talk with you once more about the happy days we spent together before you go away. Wish you a safe journey.


Li Hua






21. A。推理判断题。根据Ellen Holgersen部分中的Here it’s more of an … you’re just freezing cold可知,Holgersen喜欢在刺骨的冷水中进行冲浪。由此可知,她会觉得在温暖的水中冲浪毫无趣味可言。

22. C。细节理解题。根据Inge Weggen部分中的Spring is my favourite time to surf. We get more light and it is nice with the sun可知,Weggen喜欢在春季进行冲浪,因为春季白天的时间更长一些。

23. B。推理判断题。根据文章对四人的介绍可知,他们均是极限运动爱好者,可谓勇敢的冒险家。




24. D。细节理解题。根据第二段中的I have thus visited it again since then, and my conclusion is much the same: This is no longer a quiet place可知,作者看完那本书后,为了印证自己心目中对unquiet这个词的理解,再次拜访了当地的图书馆,对其做了一次细致的观察。

25. B。推理判断题。根据第三段中的Various adults sitting around were clearly not discouraging them可知,这些家长对孩子管得宽松。

26. C。推理判断题。根据第四段中的The second school I attended allowed one to write as well as read in the library及最后一段中的And the silence rule has, over the years, become much less strict可知,作者学生时代的体会是图书馆对声音的宽容度越来越大。

27. A。推理判断题。根据最后一段中的I’ve come across some very pleasant librarians … as dear to them as their own children可知,作者对如今的图书管理员持赞赏的态度。




28. D。细节理解题。根据第一段中的The colors that helped the snake blend into the desert可知,响尾蛇在沙漠中能利用保护色很好地伪装自己。

29. C。篇章结构题。由划线词前一句中的while the rare dark colored moths blended in better on the darker trees可知,This此处指代“深色胡椒蛾能更好地与周围环境相融合”的情况。

30. D。推理判断题。根据最后一段中的Then, a Clean Air Act … the light peppered moth has recently been more common in the population可知,《清洁空气法案》的落地意味着深色胡椒蛾不再能利用保护色伪装自己,其数量锐减。

31. D。主旨大意题。文章介绍了胡椒蛾为适应环境变化所做出的改变——其身体的颜色随着所栖息的树木的颜色的变化而变化。D项最能概括本文主旨。




32. B。推理判断题。根据第一段中的As Roberts turned the page to show a picture, Xia’s eyes widened, her lips forming an “oh” of surprise及第二段首句中的delighted可知,罗伯特母女俩很享受在公园的读书时光。

33. D。细节理解题。根据第四段中的The library hopes the book bike will increase outreach … have the lowest numbers of cardholders可知,埃文斯通公共图书馆设置“自行车图书馆”的一个初衷是使社区里不常去图书馆的人也能有书可读。

34. C。篇章结构题。根据划线部分所在句的后半部分such as a shelf to display books, so that people can recognize the book bike from several feet away, a cover for the cart and a station to charge phones and electronic devices可知,Skwerski表示,该“自行车图书馆”需要加装一定的设备。the mobile mind feeder即指代该“自行车图书馆”。

35. D。标题归纳题。文章介绍了埃文斯通公共图书馆为方便社区居民,设置了可移动的“自行车图书馆”,将图书馆搬到公园,让更多的人有书可读。D项作标题更能概括文章主旨。



本文是记叙文。“我”和丈夫原本担心家里的狗狗Corby会对将要加入我们这个家庭的新成员——尚在学步期的男孩Kaleb造成威胁,没想到Corby和Kaleb却一见如故,“我”和丈夫的担心也随之烟消云散……36. F。F项所述与设空前两句Since we both worked, child care might be a problem. Our dog Corby might be a bit too energetic for a young child均为本段第三句中提到的a number of reasons。

37. B。设空后的两句It was such short notice. We had made holiday plans and most of all, the boy was a toddler是B项中的so many difficulties的具体所指。

38. D。D项中的the little boy指代设空上一句中的the child;设空上一句中的heard a noise from behind me与D项中的Turning和saw是按时间顺序发生的三个动作。

39. G。根据设空上一句She bounded up to the boy and immediately began licking his face with joy可知,G项“作为回应,这个小男孩张开双臂,环抱住狗狗的脖子,然后转向我们”符合语境。

40. C。C项“八年半之后,他仍和我们生活在一起”与设空后一句Yes, we adopted Kaleb之间是意义上的因果关系。





41. B。A、T、G、C四个字母“代表(represented)”组成DNA的四种化学物质。

42. A。分析语境可知,设空处引导非真实条件句,故填If。

43. C。根据some of them would be different可知,这里是说,将你的基因组里的字母组合与你朋友基因组里的字母组合进行“比较(compare)”。

44. C。45. A。根据上文中的some of them would be different可知,没有人基因组里的字母组合和你的 “一样(same)”,除非你有一个同卵双胞胎。也就是说,你的基因组是“独一无二的(unique)”。

46. D。由下文论述的基因复制过程中会产生突变可知,你的基因组虽然是独一无二的,但这并不“意味着(mean)”该基因组在你的一生中都会保持一成不变。

47. B。下文中的errors提示了本空。

48. D。根据下文中的the copy will have an A where a G should be, or a T where a C should be可知,这些基因复制品并非“完美无缺(perfect)”。

49. C。这种基因突变的情况并非是确定的,Sometimes符合语境。

50. B。根据上文中的Every time one of your cells divides to make new cells, it makes a copy of your genome可知,“本质上来讲(basically)”,是我们自己的身体系统制造了这些错误。

51. A。根据When those mistakes are in an egg cell or a sperm cell可知,这些突变的基因会传给“孩子(babies)”。

52. A。根据Most of those mistakes are in sections of your genome that don’t really do anything可知,你基因组里突变的基因往往都没什么作为,因此你无需“担心(worry)”。

53. B。根据语境可知,此处与Most of those mistakes are in sections of your genome that don’t really do anything之间为转折关系。故填however。

54. D。作者举“7500前,某人基因突变后能够消化牛奶”的例子说明了基因突变的影响。故填for example。

55. D。下文中的milk-drinking提示了本空。

56. A。牛奶成为这个人新的营养“来源(source)”。

57. C。根据more and more people had the milk-drinking mutation可知,随着新的“一代(generation)”不断出生,越来越多的人携带有能消化牛奶的基因。

58. B。59. C。60. D。根据下文中的we’ll keep evolving可知,进化的进程从未“停止(stop)”。只要我们的基因组一直“更新(changing)”,进化就会一直“发生(happening)”。


61. called。考查动词-ed形式作定语的用法。call与These animals是逻辑上的动宾关系,故填called。

62. from / against。考查介词。a protection from / against …意为“以防……”。

63. keeps。考查时态和主谓一致。文章为科普说明文,介绍海贝壳的功能,用一般现在时。本句主语为The hard shell,谓语应用keep的第三人称单数形式,故填keeps。

64. collection。考查名词。设空处作主语,且前面有不定冠词A修饰,故填collection。

65. a。考查不定冠词。happy seaside vacation为可数名词,且在此处表泛指,故填a。

66. facts。考查名词复数。设空处作宾语,且由a few修饰,应用名词复数形式,故填facts。

67. to take。考查不定式作补语的用法。sb. be forbidden to do sth.表示“某人被禁止做某事”。

68. their。考查形容词性物主代词。设空处修饰presence,应用形容词性物主代词,故填their。

69. that / which。考查关系代词。设空处引导限制性定语从句修饰shells,且在从句中作主语,故填that / which。

70. truly。考查副词。设空处修饰terrible,应用副词形式,故填truly。


1-4 DAAD  5-8 DDCA





1. D。词义猜测题。根据第二段中的Some plants make themselves less tasty及最后一段中的the plants that grew from treated seeds and seedlings proved to be less attractive to snails可知,黑芥菜面对蜗牛来侵的应对方法是使自己变得难吃。unpalatable在此处意为“难吃的,不好吃的”。

2. A。推理判断题。根据第二段中的The protective system kicks in even before … stop themselves from being eaten可知,美国的一些研究者认为,有些植物具备“偷听”捕食者的能力,并运用这种能力使自己免于被吃掉。这种保护机制甚至在一块菜地里的植物还没受到捕食者的侵犯时就开启了。也就是说,这些研究者认为,有些植物可以预测风险。

3. A。细节理解题。根据第三段中的The professor hit on this technique after he failed to gather slime simply by turning the snails upside down and tapping them可知,Orrock教授第一次收集蜗牛粘液的尝试无疾而终。

4. D。推理判断题。根据最后一段中的The experiment … mounted stronger defences than those that were only treated once可知,在面对蜗牛来犯时,涂抹过数次蜗牛粘液的秧苗与只涂抹过一次蜗牛粘液的秧苗相较,前者反击力更强。也就是说,黑芥菜可以估算出危险的严重程度,并据此作出反击行为。




5. D。推理判断题。根据第二段中的They are nutritionally excellent及they are also full of protein, and similar to ordinary meat in terms of nutritional value可知,FAO与WUR的研究者都认为昆虫是一种健康食物。

6. D。细节理解题。根据第三段中的they can grow both in fresh and salt water — a notable advantage可知,海藻对生长环境要求不高。

7. C。细节理解题。根据最后一段中的Sadly, there is one barrier … cost €250,000 (?190,545) to make可知,人造肉的一大劣势是造价太高。

8. A。篇章结构题。分析全文结构可知,第一段概括全文,第二至四段从三个方面平行展开,故选A项。


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