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2018-2019英语周报English Weekly高考综合第1-4期答案


2018-2019英语周报English Weekly高考综合第1-4期参考答案

Book 1 Units 1-2参考答案及部分解析



11-15 CBBCB16-20 AABAC

21-25 CDADB26-30 CACAB

31-35 CACBD36-40 GDBFC

41-45 BACCA46-50 DBDCB

51-55 ADABD56-60 ACBCD

61. that / which62. to buy

63. natural64. sending

65. were overcome66. trapped

67. as68. fortunately

69. with70. millions


71. … by my own …  by → on

72. … there were something …were → was

73. … too flat that …  too → so

74. … stopped help me …help前加to

75. … many interested things …

interested → interesting

76. … had been experienced. 去掉been

77. … offer to give …    offer → offered78. They all moved …   all → both 或去掉all79. … couldn’t help say …say → saying

80. I in turns …   turns → turn


One possible version:

Dear Jack,

I’m Li Hua from Class One, Grade Three. Having learned that you are hoping to find a host family, I’m writing to recommend mine for the following reasons.

Firstly, I’m good at both spoken and written English, so there will be no language barrier in our communication. Secondly, all my families are enthusiastic and warm-hearted. We are more than happy to introduce Chinese culture and some tasty food to you. Last but not least, my home is close to our school and a neighborhood center, which will be very convenient for you.

I sincerely hope you will choose my family and have a great time in China. I’m looking forward to your reply.


Li Hua

Book 1 Units 3-4参考答案及部分解析



11-15 CAABA16-20 CACAB

21-25 BADCC26-30 BDACB

31-35 CACAD36-40 GCADB

41-45 BADBA46-50 CBCAC

51-55 DBDDA56-60 ABCCD

61. who 62. started

63. collecting64. getting

65. were bought66. in

67. it 68. selfless

69. really70. to help


71. … much money buy …  buy → buying

72. … has ordered online.     has → had

73. … felt extreme happy …

extreme → extremely

74. … look handsome in them. them → it

75. … disappointed and angrily.

angrily → angry

76. … as describing online.

describing → described

77. … got in touch of …  of → with

78. … free of the charge.    去掉the

79. … agreed change the coat …


80. … from now on.            now → then


One possible version:

Dear Susan,

I am sorry to say that I cannot attend the Chinese paper-cutting show in the Folk Art Museum on Sunday morning as I promised. I am writing to express my sincere apology to you.

The reason why I will not be available is that my uncle is coming from America on Sunday morning. So my family are going to the airport to meet him, then we will have a family dinner together. I think we can enjoy the show on Sunday afternoon if it is convenient for you. I hope this change will not bring too much trouble to you.

I’m looking forward to your early reply.


Li Hua

Book 1 Unit 5 & Book 2 Unit 1参考答案及部分解析



11-15 CBBCB16-20 ABCCA

21-25 ADACA26-30 BADCA

31-35 BDAAD36-40 CGEFA

41-45 BACCA46-50 DBDCB

51-55 ADABD56-60 ACBCD

61. has obtained62. to stop

63. for64. who / that

65. completely66. amazing

67. him 68. if / whether

69. effects70. recognizing


71. … I paid visit to …   paid后加a

72. To our surprises …  surprises → surprise73. … as wide as that …  that → those

74. … were always crowding …

crowding → crowded

75. … when we were asked … 去掉were

76. We take many photos …take → took

77. … shared it in our blog. it → them

78. … for much things … much → many

79. … say goodbye for …    for → to

80. We hope to going …     going → go


One possible version:

Dear Lily,

I am sorry to hear that you are on a diet to lose weight. As we all know, it is important to have a balanced diet including grain, fruit and vegetables. When you are on a diet, you don’t have enough energy to support your body. Now I’d like to offer you some advice.

First of all, you should have your meals on time instead of eating snacks. Second, it is a good idea to take enough physical exercise every day, which will help you to lose weight and stay energetic.

I hope you will find my advice useful.


Li Hua

Book 2 Units 2-3参考答案及部分解析



11-15 BAABC 16-20 BBABC

21-25 CBBBA26-30 AADBD

31-35 ACADC36-40 CGDFE

41-45 DCBCD46-50 ABABC

51-55 DDACD56-60 BCABA

61. types62. speaking

63. it64. filled

65. constantly66. a

67. to have68. her

69. is70. of


71. … Speech Contest held …


72. … watch a contest. a → the

73. … and last …      last → lasted

74. … well on their speeches.on → in

75. … was interested and attractive.

interested → interesting

76. … was extreme skillful.

extreme → extremely

77. … and but she also used …   去掉and

78. … funny story …     story → stories

79. This was clear …    This → It

80. … comes to hard work. to → from


One possible version:


An English Drama Competition will be held in our school on the afternoon of August 10, Friday. Anyone who is interested is welcome to participate. It is a great opportunity to put your talent to good use. You can act out a short play either by yourself or with your partners. It is desired that you should act out one scene of a classic drama within fifteen minutes. Please sign up at Room 106 of the Teaching Building by August 3. Some English teachers and foreign experts will be invited to be the judges. The winners will be announced on the spot. Please join us and have fun acting!

July 27, 2018

Student Council


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